You know that scene in The Empire Strikes back when Luke is on Dagobah and he first encounters Yoda?  The one where Yoda is digging through Luke’s pack eating whatever he can find and tossing aside whatever he doesn’t want?  I just realized that’s exactly like living with a two year old.

Anything left unattended is up for grabs as far as my daughter is concerned.  Sometimes she’s on a mission to find a specific item, ‘gum Daddy gum gum gum.’  Other times I think she’s just trying to annoy me.  You know she’s found something good when you catch her in the act and she bolts down the hall.  That’s IF you can catch her in the act.  You’d think with kid #3 that I’d know by now that a quiet child is a mischievous child, but no.  For some reason (selfishness?) my initial reaction to the peace and quiet is one of relief….ahhhh she’s finally settled down with a good book now I can get some work done.  Ummmm no.


About J

I am a happily married Father of three living in Westchester County New York.
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One Response to Yoddler?

  1. mtcurry says:

    Here’s the scene (starts at :54)

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