We’re Going To The Zoo

If you live in the greater New York City area and are not a member of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) you’re missing out on one of the area’s greatest bargains.

What’s the WCS you ask?  The WCS runs The Bronx, Central Park, Queens and Prospect Park Zoo’s as well as the New York Aquarium on Coney Island.  A Family Premium Membership is $154 ($82 tax deductible) for up to 3 adults and all your kids under 18 and is good for one year.  Do the math on the Bronx Zoo alone:

Adult Admission $15

Kids (3-12) $11

Plus the separate paid attractions: Dora 4D movie $5, Bug Carousel $2, Butterfly Garden $3, Shuttle $3, Children’s Zoo $3, Monorail $4.  If you hit everything with everybody you’re looking at a $150 visit already.

A Family Premium Membership gets you all of the above for free all year.  Want to ride the Bug Carousel 13 times, sure go ahead.  Want to take 4 laps on the Monorail, go for it.  Oh did I mention that parking at the Zoo is now $13….you get 4 free parking passes with your membership (also good at the Aquarium).  We’ll hit the Bronx Zoo 6 or 7 times this summer alone…plus all the others at least once.

But wait there’s more!

10% off at select gift shops, and restaurants, Exclusive member only events, discounts on educational programs…and last but not least a Free T-Shirt.  Be sure to explain to the kids that you need to get a big T-Shirt so that Dad can wear it.

The Bronx Zoo is easy to get to from Westchester, just take the Bronx River Parkway to Exit 6 and the parking lot is right there.  Leaving at 5:00 can be a little difficult so have patience as you wait to get out of the parking lot.


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I am a happily married Father of three living in Westchester County New York.
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