Punch Buggy War

Thanks to recent Volkswagen commercials, an all out Punch Buggy War has begun in our family.  Every time we get in the car it’s Game On and no one is safe.  The rules are not quite the same as they were in the past and new rules seem to be created at will, but the concept is the same.  See any Volkswagen and shout ‘Blue One!!!!’ as loud as you can…unless it’s a red one in which case you’d yell…well….you get the idea.

We’ve removed the actual punching from the game because there was some unnecessary roughness going on in the back seat plus I don’t like to get hit while driving.  The other rules have evolved, often changing at whim by the person who is losing.  A little while ago the 10 YO decided that since he was losing we should start fresh, he then informed us that while everyone else was set to zero he in fact still had five.  Huh?  He’ll make a great lawyer or politician someday.

Other rules include a penalty for mistakes.  If you call one and it turns out to be a Nissan, you lose a point…sorry Nissan.  The rule for calling the wrong color is somewhat hazy.  I think it stands at you don’t LOSE a point, but you don’t GET one either.  You are allowed to call regular parked cars in neighbors’ driveways…but only when you can see them.  Calling it before you can see it also results in a point loss.  This makes for some creative driving on my part as I inch forward so I can see the red Jetta in the Schwartzman’s driveway before anyone else.  The driver always has unlimited use of the rear view mirror.  There’s nothing better than yelling ‘Green One!’ and getting cries of foul play only to be passed by said Green One seconds later.  And as parents we have age as an advantage, the kids had never seen a Volkswagen bus before.

Everyone plays, even the 2 YO who will now randomly shout ‘BLUE ONE!’ just to get attention now.  The kids will play even if you show no interest.  They will repeatedly point out that Mom has zero and Dad has zero even though you’ve explained that you’re not playing.

The 6 YO had an interesting observation while playing recently, ‘Volkswagen is a really stupid name, but they’re really cool cars.’  If they’re ever looking for a new ad line or if they ever remake the movie Crazy People with first graders I think he has a shot.


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I am a happily married Father of three living in Westchester County New York.
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