As parents of three children we are extremely luck to have only made one, yes ONE trip to the ER for a real ‘injury.’  We had been twice before when Kid A had a late night ear infection and a late night asthma attack, but never for a spill, fall, collision incident.

Here’s how it went down.  Saturday afternoon we were on the Walkway Over The Hudson (more on that in a later post) and we brought along the stroller so we didn’t end up carrying the 2 y.o. for the 3.6 mile round trip.  Of course she was in and out of it as was her 6 y.o. brother so it was working well.  On the way back her older brother was pushing her and she was not buckled in (bad parents!).  She decided to stand up and as he was walking around to sit her back down she tumbled over backwards.

I was walking about 10 yards behind them and saw her hit the concrete.  She sat right up which was good, but was obviously not happy about what had just transpired.  Scooping her up I checked for gray matter…well blood at least…and didn’t see any…I didn’t even feel a bump.

She cried pretty hard for a while then settled down into a whimper as I carried her.  After a few minutes of asking her what happened she  fell asleep but when I tried to lay her down in the stroller she woke up right away, which is a good sign, and protested so I kept carrying her.

We got to the other side and she woke up again but wouldn’t let me put her down.  She was talking but still not her usual bubbly self.  back at the car and almost into her car seat she puked all over the place.  Why oh why do they wait until they’re IN the car?  This was the bad sign we were hoping wouldn’t happen as it’s one of the signs of a concussion.

No one was looking forward to a ride home in a puke filled car so we got it cleaned out as best as we could and kept watching her for more signs.  She tried to throw up a couple more times and wouldn’t let me put her down.  She was however able to see clearly and pick up small rocks that I showed her.  We called the Doctor and said we were about half an hour from our local hospital, they said to come in to the ER but no need to find a closer hospital.

She slept until we got there and woke up on the way in. I parked and got the other kids briefed before I brought them in.  “I know you’re tired, hungry, scared but you’re going to do good listening to Daddy and we’re going to wait for your sister.”  As luck would have it there was a video game unit on the wall in the ER waiting area so we could safely be there all night as far as they were concerned.

By this point she was acting fairly normally; charming all the doctors, nurses and other ER victims.  We saw a couple friends come in, my wife (who works at the hospital) saw some co-workers and a patient of hers while they did a quick CT scan which came back normal and 2 hours after arriving we waved goodbye to everyone and cleared out.  They told us to bring her back if she stopped acting cute…

As it happens Grammie was on ambulance duty that night and on the way out of the ER we saw her ambulance pull up so we waited to see her and tell her everything was ok.  i felt bad for the poor woman they were unloading because it looked like we were ER paparazzi.  Hugs of relief all around then home.

So what did we learn?  Always keep the toddler buckled in the stroller, no matter how many times they ask go climb in and out.  It’s a good idea to bring them to the ER if they hit their head and throw up more than once or start acting lethargic.  And video games in the ER waiting area are proof that God may exist after all.

For more on Concussions in Toddlers feel free to check Baby Center…or any other online baby care type site, this was just the first one I saw.

Baby Center


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I am a happily married Father of three living in Westchester County New York.
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9 Responses to ER

  1. raychel says:

    wow, that’s scary stuff I’m so glad she’s okay!

  2. Michael says:

    Glad everybody made it through OK. Being your kids, it is surprising they haven’t had more daredevil-related ER trips.

  3. ERrrr indeed. Me and my wife are lucky that we haven’t had anything major happen to our lil Giant. I’m usually super cautious about him when he’s jumping and running all over the place cause I’d hate to see him go to ER. What it is to be a parent!

  4. I try to be but I end up stopping myself lol. Although he does have some battle scars regardless. I might need some pointers on the just letting em fall theory!

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