You Crazy Kids with MY Crazy Music

Ok I know in the grand scheme of things I really shouldn’t complain, but when has that stopped me before?  As some of you know I’m a music geek, nerd, addict…choose your own derogatory term.  I have a sickness that causes me to listen to a dizzyingly wide array of music from all genres and from all over the globe.  I have a CD collection that fills an entire hallway…I don’t know how many there are because I stopped counting somewhere in the 4,000 range, plus my iPod has 22,000 songs on it.  My oldest son is both very musical and interested in music…so what’s the problem?

Since the beginning of August he has been listening to the same album over and over and over.  Justin Bieber?  No.  Miley?  No.  Jonas’?  No.  he’s been playing Iron Maiden‘s latest album The Final Frontier.  Now there are some of you who would think that the problem lies in his taste, no.  Iron Maiden has been one of my favorite bands since I was a little older than he is right now.  In fact we went to see them together at Madison Square Garden in 2008 (on father’s day no less) when he was but eight years old.  It’s a fine collection of songs.

But three and a half months straight?  He knows ALL the words!  The other day I hummed the intro to song,  just a handful of notes and he broke into full song with no accompaniment.  Not just the first line…every verse and every chorus.  Impressive at first, but it’s beginning to get annoying.

Sure I did similar things when I was his age, but only because I didn’t have as much music at my disposal.  Even at ten I was always looking for new music to hear.  My parents had a few records, but not many.  I remember getting LP’s out of the library and obsessing over them.  We also had a copy of John Williams’ score from Star Wars and I LOVED that.  Yeah I played it over and over but that’s all I had!  An uncle once gave me a couple of boxes of 45s from an old jukebox and I played them all.

When my son got an iPod Nano and asked me to put music on it I was ecstatic.  I loaded it up with a wide variety of things from my collection in the hopes that he’d devour it all and come back for more.  There are even bootlegs of concerts that he ‘saw/heard’ in utero.  I envisioned him saying, ‘Daddy I like this band, do you have any more bands like that?’ or ‘Daddy do you have more Thin Lizzy albums you can put on here?’ I longed for the day when I’d find him staring sideways at the spines of the CDs in the hall and pulling discs out to examine.

It wasn’t to be.  I understand that he likes the record, hey I like it too…but move on.  Listen to some of their other albums.  Hell his iPod has 152 maiden tunes on it alone…browse those for a while.  Listen to the early stuff with Paul Dianno or investigate the Bruce Dickinson solo material, anything.

I know that someday soon he’ll move on to something else and it’ll probably be Justin Bieber so I’ll be begging him to go back to Maiden, but for now it’s just annoying.


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I am a happily married Father of three living in Westchester County New York.
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2 Responses to You Crazy Kids with MY Crazy Music

  1. ryoko861 says:

    He better have Led Zepplin on that Nano!!!

    I love music too, everything from Rob Zombie to Liquid Mind (stuff that can literally put you to sleep and yes, melt your mind!). I’d be so lost without my Pandora Radio and iPod!

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