Got Snow?

OK I understand that it’s winter and that I live in the Northeast so I should expect some snow.  I like snow…I grew up with snow in Massachusetts.  We made forts, had snowball fights, went sledding the whole nine yards.  I even lived through the Blizzard of ’78!.  Granted I was only 7 at the time, but I had a blast.  School was closed for a week and when I jumped out our back door the show went up to my waist.  There was so much snow we had to dig a tunnel through the pile at the end of our driveway.

Littleton, MA 1978

Snow is much different when you’re a homeowner with kids who need to get to and from school as well as to karate, birthday parties and the cool sledding spot.  Just to make things more fun our house is on a hill and my driveway is steep.  With a couple of inches of snow some people can get away with not shoveling their driveway…not me.  If we get so much as a dusting it’s like trying to drive up a glacier.  Making it passable requires some advanced snow removal techniques.

Snowblower?  No, I don’t like them…never have.  Plus I’d end up dragging it down then pushing it up my driveway and probably kill myself.  No I like a good old-fashioned shovel or should I say shovels.  I recently acquired one of those back saver bent handle shovels and I must say that I like that.  It’s especially good for lifting large chunks of snow over the growing banks on either side so I can pitch it as far away as possible.  But it is a little heavy.  I have a lighter shovel that’s good when the snow gets a little heavier and another shovel with a good metal edge for scraping ice and packed snow off the pavement.

Again, any trace of snow or ice makes getting up the driveway impossible so it’s best to get it all off.  This is where my kids come in.  The oldest just turned 11 and he’s a strapping young lad who is able to help me get the job done in half the time right?  Wrong.  What he does is offer to help then proceed to come out an hour after me with his little brother and stomp all over the parts that haven’t been shoveled yet making it impossible to get up.  I have explained the First Rule of Driveway Shoveling to them dozens of times: Only Walk Where There Is No Snow.

Oh they stop pretty quickly, but only to desert me and head next door to play with their friends while I toil away at scraping up hundreds of little footprints one at a time.  To add insult to injury they eventually grow tired of romping in the neighbors’ yard and wind up helping THEIR Dad shovel HIS driveway.  Being careful of course to only step where it has already been shoveled.

One more thing about snow and then I really need to get outside to move the existing snow further away so I have someplace to put the snow expected later this week.  You see all of these snow totals on the local news and sometimes they match what you see in your backyard and sometimes they don’t.  I propose that a more accurate measurement would be taken at the end of my driveway after the plows have finished with the street…


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I am a happily married Father of three living in Westchester County New York.
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2 Responses to Got Snow?

  1. Julie says:

    Move to CA.

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