Borders in Mt. Kisco to remain open…

After filing Chapter 11 for Bankruptcy Borders Books will be closing 200 stores.  It appears that for now the store in downtown Mt. Kisco has avoided the first cut.  I spoke with someone at the store on Monday who told me that the Kisco location is one of their better performing stores and that their children’s department is ranked number 3 in the entire chain.

If your local store is not on the list below then do your best to visit more regularly this year to keep it open.  Borders may be a corporate giant that killed off local Mom & Pop book and record stores, but I like that the overall vibe reminds me of my old HMV.

List of store closings from Scribd:

Official Borders ‘Reorganization’ Site:

Borders Mt. Kisco:

Borders from a Buyer’s perspective, thanks to Jessica Webster:


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