Live at WDFH: Starnes&Shah

In an age of satellite radio beamed in from all over the planet it’s rare to find local music played live from the studio of a local radio station.  WDFH: Community Public Radio for the Lower Hudson Valley offers just that.

On Saturday May 7th at 9:00 PM if you live in the greater Mt. Kisco area, turn your radio ‘dial’ to 90.3 FM to hear what promises to be an entertaining night of music from local Folk/Rock act Starnes & Shah.  The duo of Dania (‘Shah’) and Zilpha (Starnes) will be joined by bassist Nick LaBate and percussionist Henrich Kruse.  They’ll be playing live in the studio and speaking to long time WDFH host and DJ Vinny Cohan.  If you live outside the signal area you can always tune in live online at

From the Starnes&Shah official site:

Starnes&Shah is a vocal duo comprised of Zilpha Starnes (keyboards and vocals) and Dania Abu-Shaheen (guitar and vocals). The group was formed in Astoria NY in 2005. Dania (Shah) writes the music and Zilpha (Starnes) sings the harmony. The songs reflect Dania’s interest in rock’n’roll, poetry, and stoytelling and Zilpha’s harmonies add elements of exchange and sometimes tension to make Starnes&Shah what it is: An unlikely pairing of a formally trained choir girl from Dallas, Texas and a self taught Lebanese rabble rouser. Described as psychedellic folk, the music ranges from paired down acoustic ditties to rock anthems complete with choral arrangements and layered guitar effects. As a live act, Starnes&Shah believe that it only gets better with time and experience. They have played shows in Northeastern cities including Burlington, Portland, Boston, Philadelphia, and their current home city, New York. Starnes&Shah released an acoustic EP titled Here Again on the Island (2006) and two full length albums Summer in the Woodshed (2007) and Pink White Blue Green (2009) featuring full band arrangements. Starnes&Shah continue to play regular shows in New England and New York.

About WDFH:

WDFH is the only community public radio station in the lower Hudson River Valley.  Community radio stations are noncommercial stations that are owned by independent, non-institutional not-for-profit organizations.  There are only about a few hundred community stations in the United States.  Most of the rest of the country’s noncommercial stations are licensed to schools, colleges, universities, and other institutional organizations — so community radio is a rare breed in several ways:

  • We’re powered by volunteers from the community — your friends and neighbors, not a staff of “full-time professionals” who may or may not have any real commitment to the communities the station serves.  Get info on joining the staff here.

  • We’re local and focused so we can be much more responsive to the needs and interests of our communities.

  • We’re noncommercial and not beholden to the corporate drive toward the lowest common denominator (info on making your pledge to support WDFH). 

Our music programming includes a freeform mix of progressive and alternative rock, jazz, blues, and folk.  We regularly feature in-studio musical guests.  We also broadcast a significant schedule of news and public affairs programming.  See the full schedule here.

Community stations are institutions in their communities, and we are working to build WDFH so that it can be worthy of that description.

Licensed by the Federal Communications Commission as a noncommercial educational FM radio station, WDFH broadcasts on 90.3 MHz.  Our newly expanded signal — the result of a 7½ year expansion project completed in early 2009 — can now reach about 400,000 potential listeners in the lower Hudson Valley.  You can also listen online from anywhere in the world.

WDFH is a member of


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