Happy Birthday

So today is the one year anniversary of Kisco Dad.  I started it just for something to do and maybe to rant a little.  I promised myself that I’d write every day , but that didn’t exactly work out.  My goal was just to be  humorous voice in the vast waste of parenting and local area advice.  I hope people learned something and I hope they laughed a few times.

I know it’s not much in the Blogosphere, but I surpassed 14,000 hits just yesterday.   A chunk of that can be attributed to being Freshly Pressed last fall when I wrote Back To School Hell, a story about the absurdity of school supply lists.  I’m glad it resonated with so many of you.  It would also appear that the more popular posts also have to do with schools and especially Box Tops For Education.  More people read those than anything else, so I’d lie to think that I helped raise some money for someone.

I’m not sure where I go from here.  Keep plugging away and telling the real life tales of being a Stay-At-Home-Dad with three kids…unless someone would like to hire me.  Then I will gladly change the focus to Dad-Who-Makes-A-Lot-Of-Money-And-Needs-To-Find-Time-For-His-Kids When-Not-On-All-Expense-Paid-Business-Trips-To-Europe.  Just sayin’…


About J

I am a happily married Father of three living in Westchester County New York.
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