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Dual Language Program

They say the best way to learn a foreign language is to start young. Most of us had to take French or Spanish in high school, how much do you remember? Exactly. So you’d think that a new program to … Continue reading

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Father’s Day

Every year around Father’s Day we have to make some awkward decisions.  Do the wife and kids spend it with me or does she take the kids to see her Father?  You’re probably thinking, well why can’t you all get … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Field Day Scream

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Happy Birthday

So today is the one year anniversary of Kisco Dad.  I started it just for something to do and maybe to rant a little.  I promised myself that I’d write every day , but that didn’t exactly work out.  My … Continue reading

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Am I Evil?

A few weeks ago I wrote about the issue of guns and school.  Specifically I received a call from the school psychologist who was concerned with my first grader’s obsession with guns.  We took it seriously, but chalked it up … Continue reading

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Top Ten Products That Should Have ‘Box Tops For Education’

I understand that Box Tops For Education is a General Mills thing and we can’t really thank them enough for the millions of dollars they’ve contributed to our schools.  But I couldn’t help wondering what other common non GM products … Continue reading

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Boys and Guns

Boys like guns, they just do.  You can explain to them that they’re dangerous or that they hurt people, but they still love them.  You can keep toy guns out of the house if you want, but boys will make … Continue reading

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