RIP Stinky


Since the temperature is supposed to plummet this week, I thought I’d better take advantage of the balmy weekend and spend some time outside, so I took my daughter to Muscoot to check on our favorite farm animals.  As always we made a bee-line for the barn to say hello to Stinky, the resident evil-tempered billy goat.  He wasn’t in his usual pen so we checked outside for him, but he wasn’t there either.

We went in search of Stinky while wondering where he might be.  Maybe he went to Florida for the winter or to Colorado for some skiing?  As it happens the news wasn’t good for Stinky and some of the staff let us know that our friend Stinky had passed on.  We’ll miss you Stinky.  I hope wherever you are you’re free to butt your head against things and snort at your leisure.

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Wordless Wednesday: In The Shadows

Shadows at Muscoot FarmShadows at Muscoot FarmShadows at Muscoot FarmShadows with Dad at Muscoot FarmShadows at Muscoot FarmMaking Shadows at Muscoot Farm

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WDFH FM 90.3: Support Local Music

Did you know that there’s a great public radio station in Westchester?  Did you know they’re non-commercial and non-profit?  Did you know they play an amazing mix of rock, folk, blues and jazz?  Did you know that they regularly have local bands perform live in the studio?  Did you know you can hear it very well in Mt. Kisco?

You didn’t know?  Well now you do…

WDFH logo

WDFH FM 90.3 Ossining

Two local bands will be featured in the coming weeks.

The YaYas

First up are The YaYas:

The YaYas are Catherine Miles (vocals), Jay Mafale (guitar) and Paul Silverman (piano) and they came into being after attending a couple of open mic nights while attending college.  After their second appearance the club owner booked them for a full gig, the only trouble was that they only knew six tunes.  Rather than turn down the gig they learned more songs and became a band.

They play story driven folky pop songs that can be heard on their current album Paper Boats and play frequently in the greater Westchester area as well as other parts of the US.  In fact at the end of January they’ll be in sunny Florida while we’re all freezing up here.  Anyone wanna go on a road trip?  Their performance airs on WDFH FM 90.3 on Tuesday January 31st at 9:00 pm.  If you happen to be in Florida with The YaYas you can always tune in online here.

Hope Machine

Next up…Hope Machine:

The core members of Hope Machine are Fred Gillen Jr., Steve Kirkman and Eric Puente.  They’re named after the Woody Guthrie quote, “about all a human being is anyway, is a hoping machine.”

The band is a fly by the seat of the pants operation that plays folk music in its purist form, without pretension, without limits and often without rehearsal!  WDFH listeners are certainly in for treat when they tune in to hear this performance on February 7th at 9:00 pm.

Please help keep local radio alive by making donation today!


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Like A Rock

Electrolux Model G vacuum cleaner

No, not a Chevy pickup…my early 60s Electrolux Model G vacuum cleaner!  We inherited this from my Grandmother a few years ago and it has outlasted just about any other household cleaning device or appliance we’ve purchased since.  The thing is made of steel and damn near indestructible.  It’s like a little gray army tank.  I’ve dropped it down stairs and rolled it down my steep driveway, but nothing fazes it.

I seem to recall getting a new hose for it at some point and when we brought it in to the shop they agreed that unlike today’s vacuums, this one will last forever.  If you’re in the market for a new vacuum then pass up the new hi-tech vacuums that sell for between $500 and $1000 and see if you can find one of these puppies on Craigslist or Ebay.  I’ve seen them really cheap, but make sure you grab it quick before  collector snatches it up.  Yes, there are people who collect vacuum cleaners…don’t judge.

Electrolux Model G vacuum cleanerElectrolux Model G vacuum cleanerElectrolux Model G vacuum cleaner

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What Was Your Favorite Part?

Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular

When I was growing up and we went on a family trip or to any kind of event my Dad would always ask us on the way home, ‘what was your favorite part?’  It got to be a bit of a running joke and we’d try to beat him to it by asking the same question of him before he could ask it of us.

I didn’t understand why he was doing it at the time, as a kid I don’t think you’re supposed to understand those things.  As a parent myself I now see my Dad’s infinite wisdom…ok maybe not infinite, but I think he was onto something here.  It forced me to think back about what I had just seen or done while it was still fresh in my memory.

Fast forward a bunch of years to the present and now there’s a website that can attach our kids’ memories to a ticket stub for everyone to see.  With a few clicks you can upload a ticket stub to StubStory and either let your kids type the story themselves or have them dictate it to you.  Older kids can use this as a writing exercise that’s actually fun.  Younger kids with good memories are hilarious once they get talking.  Make sure you get it all in there…the good, the bad and the ugly.  If they want to talk about the long line at the bathroom or the smell once they got in there, let them.

If you went to Disney World and your kids took pictures with Mickey you can upload those pictures too.  Sometimes looking at the pictures can jog their memories and they’ll start talking about something that you never knew was happening at the time.  So go find your old ticket stubs and have fun with it.

stubstory logo

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Borders To Liquidate All Stores

According to Home Media Magazine, Borders will close their remaining 399 stores starting July 22nd.  The store’s 10,700 employees will lose their jobs.

Home Media Magazine



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Wordless Wednesday: Multicultural

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