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Into The Woods

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I strongly feel that once in a while kids should be dragged off the couch kicking and screaming and thrown into the woods to get a closer look at nature. Once they’re in the car with the doors locked they … Continue reading

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What Was Your Favorite Part?

When I was growing up and we went on a family trip or to any kind of event my Dad would always ask us on the way home, ‘what was your favorite part?’  It got to be a bit of … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Say Cheese…

Getting three kids to all look at the camera and smile at the same time is damn near impossible.

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Boys and Guns

Boys like guns, they just do.  You can explain to them that they’re dangerous or that they hurt people, but they still love them.  You can keep toy guns out of the house if you want, but boys will make … Continue reading

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Are You Talkin’ To Me?

A little while ago I talked about the phenomenon of kids’ strange sleeping habits.  Another thing that science needs to get on right away is what I like to call Selective Hearing.  I’m not talking about kids who just tune … Continue reading

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SAHD Update

A few months ago we had a role reversal at our house.  My wife who had been home with the kids for the last 10+ years went back to work full-time and I became a Stay At Home Dad.  It’s … Continue reading

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Speaking In Tongues

How to hoodwink your own children with doublespeak.
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